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In Pavlodar you can take part in the general morning exercises

From Monday to Friday, at 09.30 on the Central Riverside the citizens and visitors of the city could participate in a rhythmic gymnastics with the leading fitness clubs of Pavlodar.
The event is held by the Center for Healthy Lifestyle Support in the framework of the national sports project “Challenge, Another You!” The project is aimed to form a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and love for sports among Kazakhstan people. The exercise is carried out daily from June 4 to 21.
Let’s remind, the project “Challenge, Another you!” was supported by the President of Kazakhstan. Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that sports do not only promote physical strength and health, it brings up the will, perseverance, the pursuit of success. Sports enhance high moral spiritual qualities. Neither wealth nor power give a feeling of man’s happiness. First of all, a healthy person is happy. According to the Head of the State, the sports initiative “Challenge, Another you!” refers to valuable, socially significant programs. The participants motivate more and more people of Kazakhstan to join a healthy lifestyle.