Национальный центр общественного здравоохранения

Anti-tobacco centers

Since 2009 in Kazakhstan anti-tobacco centers and / or cabinets (hereinafter – AC) had been established for providing treatment and preventive care to those who wish to quit smoking. Everyone can anonymously refer to the AC for qualified care. The timing of preventive work is individual, as it depends on the duration of smoking, the degree of dependence and, most importantly, on the patient’s desire to quit smoking. In addition, the AC organizes the training of health professionals in tobacco prevention among non-smoking patients and simple interventions among nicotine-dependent people; raises awareness of the population about the health hazards of tobacco smoking; coordinates preventive work on quitting tobacco in the served territory.
At present, there are 69 anti-tobacco centers / offices in Kazakhstan. On the basis of organizations providing primary health care there are 46 AC, at hospitals – 20 AC, at the regional centers for healthy lifestyle – 3 AC.
The largest number of AC is registered in Almaty (33), in Kostanay (10) and Mangistau oblasts (9), and the lowest number is in East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Karaganda, South Kazakhstan and North Kazakhstan oblasts, where each region has 1 AC.
Attendance of AC in 2017 was 33,495 people, of whom 5,551 people (16%) re-visitors. 12528 nicotine-dependent patients (NDP) were registered. Out of the total number of NDP in Kazakhstan 2,075 persons were referred to the narcologists for care, which accounts for 16.6%.